The complete collection of Foal Auction Dronten, in collaboration with Starsale Auctions, is online!

Looking for an offspring of the highly breeding stallion Daily Diamond? On Friday, August 21, 2 of these foals will be auctioned in combination with our Texel bloodlines!

Filly: Prima Corieta Texel (Daily Diamond x Jazz)
Stallion: Pinot-Noir Texel (Daily Diamond x Ferro)

The auction will take place LIVE on Friday, August 21 in Tolbert. Hope to see you then!

Looking for a winner for the future? In the price range € 5,500 – € 10,000 excluding VAT we offer:

▪️Paparazzi Texel (Jameson RS2 x prok elite sport Jazz) – Stallion

▪️Prepaid Texel (Glocks Toto jr x D-oC Sorento) – Stallion

▪️Polithyia Texel (Glocks Toto jr x ster sport Apache – Mare

More info: call Wim 0031 620000926! Not via app or messenger please.


A very successful online auction with our stallion Powerman Texel (Governor x Don Schufro) as the top seller!

He is going to get a golden future at Familie Nekeman, Stal Stouwehof.

Thank you and congratulations on your purchase! Great organization at Grand Prix Sales.


Tomorrow is the Online Auction ‘Grand Prix Sales’! Between 10.00am and 8.00 pm you can bid on the most quality and beautiful foals. In the collection is our great stallion Powerman Texel and our beautiful filly Pride Catrasse Texel! Read the auction info below.

‘Top colt by Governor x Blue Hors Don Schufro out of a famous Texel performance line’

8. Powerman Texel (Governor x Blue Hors Don Schufro x Krack C)
Colt I Dark Bay I 25-04-20 I KWPN I VAT 21%

1st dam Iyorieta Texel (Blue Hors Don Schufro) Ster IBOP (drs) D-OC WFFS-free
2nd dam Zyorieta Texel (Krack C) Elite EPTM (drs) prok
3th dam Lyorieta (Ladalco) Elite Sport (drs) pref prok

In 2019 sire Governor directly won his first Inter I Freestyle at Jumping Amsterdam with a score over 80% and became Dutch Champion in the Small Tour. Without any doubt Governor is at the moment one of the best KWPN dressage stallions. Here he has been combined with Blue Hors Don Schufro, one of the world’s best stallions and progenitors, and with a dam line that has produced over 25 Grand Prix, Small Tour and Advanced Medium/4th level horses, like Opartout Texel, Dark Knight Texel (both Grand Prix), El Corona Texel, Fair Trade Texel, Black Painted Texel, Dyorieta Texel and Zenith (all Small Tour). They are bred by one of the best Dutch dressage breeders, Wim van der Linde. Powerman Texel for sure is one of the top dressage foals in our collection and arguably one of the best dressage foals born in The Netherlands in 2020.
He impressed the selection committee with his power, elasticity, lightness, balance and uphill tendency in trot and canter and with an excellent walk. Powerman Texel has it all!

‘Just Wimphof filly out of Champion mare Ellegantrasse Texel ’

12. Pride Catrasse Texel (Just Wimphof x Jazz x Alcatrasse)
Filly I Black I 01-04-20 I KWPN I VAT 21%

1st dam Ellegrantrasse Texel (Jazz) Elite IBOP (drs) prok
2nd dam N’Alcatrasse (Alcatraz) Elite pref
3th dam Fay I (Calypso I)

The beautiful Just Wimphof excels under the saddle of Renate van Uytert-Van Vliet and scored among other 90 points at the 2020 KWPN Stallion Competition final. Dam sire Jazz is without any doubt the king of Dutch dressage breeding. Pride Catrasse Texel’s dam Ellegantrasse Texel (Jazz) became Champion at the KWPN mare inspection in the province of Noord-Holland and was invited for the national KWPN Championships in Ermelo with 85 points for confirmation and 80 points for movement. She is also a half-sister to Cocksdorp Texel, very successful with rider Lotje Schoots at Advanced/4th level and to Easy Going Texel, Medium/3rd level. Granddam N’Alcatrasse not only produced Cocksdorp Texel and Easy Going Texel, she is also the granddam of the Big Tour horse Ego Tripper Texel and the Advanced medium/4th level horse Golddigger Texel. Pride Catrasse Texel descends for sure out of a strong family. With her elegance and excellent gaits, she will catch your eye!

A beautiful black colt by Daily Diamond! He comes from our elite ibop d-oc mare Jevarieta Texel (Sorento x elite ibop D-oc Jazz).

We are so proud of this great collection of foals, all promises for the future! Are you looking for a top horse? Some of our foals will be offered through the Online Foal Auctions, but direct sales are also possible! Call Wim for more information: 0620000926.

Monday, June 1, this chic filly by Daily Diamond was born!

She comes from our star prok sport mare Evieta Corieta Texel (Jazz x keur pref sport Burggraaf).

Do you have any name suggestions? Starting with the letter P and something with Corieta Texel as a continuation. We are curious!

Popstar Texel (Ferdinand x prok ster sport Charmeur). How beautiful he is!

Ready for the photo day of Foal Auction Prinsjesdag Online! The auction will take place on June 16.

This beautiful colt by Daily Diamond was born yesterday evening!

He comes from our elite ibop prok mare Ellegant Lady Texel (Ferro x keur pref perst sport Farmer).
We now expect two more foals and then our collection is complete!

We would like to introduce you to Poleposition Texel!

This great colt by Glocks Toto jr was born tonight. He comes from elite sport prok Feniz Texel (Negro x pref perst prok KrackC). He is black and has a nice white snipe on his nose!

Feniz Texel is a full sister of NMK champion Iveniz Texel (owned by RS2 Dressage Center de Horst BV and a half sister of the KWPN-approved Enzo Ferrari. Last year, offspring was Nouvelle Feniz Texel, also from Glock’s Toto Jr, auction topper at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag.

Super start of the weekend, nice evening!

Good morning! This was a short night, but we have two beautiful foals!

On photo 1 a jet black colt by Daily Diamond. Out of our elite ibop prok mare Fay 1 (Jazz x elite pref ibop prok Ferro). She was born around 1:30 PM.

On photo 2 a beautiful filly by Glocks Toto jr. This time out of our elite sport prok mare Diva Corieta Texel (Jazz x keur pref sport Burggraaf). We already saw that the mare was a bit restless, so we waited for her and around 2.15am this foal came. Eventually we were back in bed around 4:30, got some hours of sleep and now fresh and active outside!

Today is going to be a beautiful sunny day, so we will enjoy it again!

This pretty filly by Glocks Toto jr was born yesterday evening!

She comes from our star prok broodmare Gilityhia Texel (Apache x perst prok Democrat)!

This handsome black filly by Governor was born last night! She comes from our prokmare W’Alcatrasse Texel (Ferro x elite pref prok Alcatraz).

Are you looking for a new future sporthorse?
Then call Wim 0620000926. We are now expecting 7 foals!