Another beauty has been born. A beautiful black colt from Daily Diamond!

He comes from our special broodmare, our elite sport prok Wonderlady Texel (Ferro x keur pref perst sport Farmer). Wonderlady was Reserve Champion in 2006 with the 3-year-old mares at the National Mare Championships and was sold at the Performance Plus Auction, but since the end of 2018 she is back in our stables.

Last year we bred a full sister of this foal, called Princess Lady Texel. A filly with a lot of quality, she was sold at Foal Auction Prinsjesdag.

Yesterday evening this beautiful colt by ๐‹๐ž ๐…๐จ๐ซ๐ฆ๐ข๐๐š๐›๐ฅ๐ž was born!

He comes from our elite ibop prok broodmare Ellegantrasse Texel (Jazz x elite pref prok Alcatraz). Mother Ellegantrasse Texel was a three-year-old champion at the CK of Noord-Holland and was in the top 10 of the National Mare Championship in Ermelo.

Ellegantrasse is also the mother of Kevin Costner Texel (by Negro). In 2019, this stallion successfully competed in the Pavo Cup and the WC for Young Dressage Horses under Emmelie Scholtens! At the moment it is ridden by Antonio Laiz Zandio.

Granddam Nโ€™Alcatrasse is also the gm of:
Ego Tripper Texel (by Jazz) – Grand Prix with Marjan Hooge!
Escort Texel (by Jazz) – ZZ Licht
Golddigger Texel (v. Bretton Woods) – ZZ Licht
Ichero Texel (f. Johnson) – Z2

And about the stallion Le Formidable (Bordeaux x Ferro x De Niro). He was the tastemaker of the KWPN stallion inspection in 2019 and was convincing champion! Owner: Saskia Poel

And there is nr 4!

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, this handsome black filly by Jameson RS2 was born!
She comes from our ibop elite prok broodmare Cyril Texel (Gribaldi x perst pref ster Jazz)

Our day started perfect with this handsome filly by the stallion Just Wimphof.

She comes from our ibop ster prok mare Arieta Texel (Ferro x keur sport perst Ladalco).
Arieta Texel is the dam of the Z2 gelding G-Star Texel v Wynton. Grandma Jeorieta Texel was brought out by Annemarie herself in the Small Tour and produced fine sport horses including the Small Tour mare Dyorieta Texel v Jazz and the Z2 mare Corieta II Texel v Dayano!

Great-grandmother is the mare Corieta (by Nabuur x Pastrocio XX), our foundation dam and the start of our breeding! At her IBOP she obtained 92 points and passed with double A. Many sport horses come from this line!

Today the first luxury villa was completed at Villapark Buytenveldt for holidays at Texel!
Fully furnished and styled by Valk Design.

Take a look at or follow Naar Texel on social media for more information.

Wow, a beautiful dark brown colt by the performance champion Las Vegas was born yesterday evening!

He comes from our elite sport ibop broodmare Gyorieta Texel (Ziesto x kwpn elite sport eptm pref perst prok Goodtimes).
Dam Gyorieta is Z2 dressage. Grandma Urieta is the mother of El Corona Texel (in the USA ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ) and Fairtrade Texel (Grand Prix level and for sale).

We are already curious to see this colt in action!

Today we received this sweet picture of Zeestar Texel (by Ferro) from Maggie Elsbernd!

This weekend they scored 77.033% for the โ€œFourth Level Freestyleโ€ and 71.617% for the PSG in Wellington USA. What a great achievement!

Congratulations Maggie, we are proud of you!

Yesterday evening a very handsome filly by Jameson RS2 was born! So the foal season has also officially started!

She comes from our mare elite pref perst etpm sport Urieta Texel (Goodtimes x elite sport pref prok Ladalco). Urieta Texel is the mother of the famous El Corona Texel (s Wynton), successful in the USA with Rebecca Hart and Fair Trade Texel (s Krack), Grand Prix ready and also for sale!

This foal was expected on February 28, but she took her time and she is beautiful! There are now also two other mares on the camera.

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